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Podcasts of the series will also be made available via iTunes U.

Series 2       2012-2013

1. We Are Open: Openness in a new public art gallery and social space – Ruth Catlow

2. Create to Engage – Helen Keegan

3. Platform Communism – Joss Hands

4. Film Art in the Body of the City: Moving Image Practice as Performance – Matthew Hawkins

5. Narratives of Independent Production in Video Game Culture – Paolo Ruffino

Series 1       2012-2013

1. Men meets Machine – Eva Weinmayer

2. Silence, Delirium, Lies: An Uncoded Response to Social Media – Caroline Bassett

3. Online/Offline – How Digital Media Facilitates and Encourages the Generative Experience – Matt Johnston

4. From Flame Wars to Frame Wars: The Structure of Conflict in Networks – Nate Tkacz

Series 2          2011-2012

1.#blackout: the viral counterpublicity of online protest – Tessa Houghton

2. Performing the Paradoxes of Intellectual Property – Cornelia Sollfrank

3. Just Gaming with the Posthuman: Toy Story, Remediation and Electracy – Stefan Herbrechter

Series 1            2011-2012

1. Open Sourcing Knowledge: Towards a University 2.0 – William Merrin

Additional materials: Presentation William

2. The end of anti-social media: what happens when media goes social – Richard Stacey

3. Mediating Agriculture in the Age of “Open-Source” – Gabriela Mendez Cota

4.  Peer production of culture. Independent film making in the Wreckamovie community – Isis Hjörth

5. Open Art, or What could Open Art mean? – Round table discussion (Elly Clarke, James Wallbank, Penny Whitehead and Daniel Simpkins)

Additional materials: Presentation Elly, Presentation James, Artists Unite Statement

Series 1           2010-2011

1. Digital again? The Humanities Between the Computational Turn and Originary Technicity – Federica Frabetti

2. Transformative works and the politics of contemporary media engagement – Mafalda Stasi

3. Open Education: A case for the Arts and Humanities- Shaun Hides, Peter Woodbridge

Series 2            2010-2011

4. Zombie Media: Media Archaeology as Circuit Bending – Jussi Parikka

5. The new ecology of information, how social media challenges the University – Professor David Campbell

6.Open Meaning in Digital Writing – Maria Mencia

7.Errors in Things and “The Friendly Medium” – Daniel Rourke

8.Why WikiLeaks might not be as radical as it thinks – Clare Birchall


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